Penetration Test​​

Through a combination of cyber and human methods, Cyber Ghost agents test your cyber security and determine the weaknesses and faults in your system. At completion of the test, a report will be issued on the status of your system.

Upon request, a bespoke upgrade for your system can be provided.

Cyber Ghost does not use off-the-shelf solutions. All our work is custom tailored and manufactured for each individual client.

Cyber Security​​

Cyber Ghost provides clients with a secure network, which includes a server and data storage facility in a secure location. Combined with our "watch dog" package of constant monitoring of your system, you can rest assured knowing your data is as secure as the data of the Israeli government.


You need to keep your business knowledge secure. Let Cyber Ghost provide you with real security. 

We also ensure that your conversations are kept private by encrypting your cell phone communication. 

Details provided to qualified clients only.

Cyber Ghost Hosting Solutions

Cyber Ghost maintains and operates two host sites in two separate countries. The Data Center facilities, located between 15 and 24 meters underground, are operated according to advanced international standards. They have the highest levels of protection, survivability, and security currently offered in the field. Each of the facilities is prepared to operate independently of any external factors for a period of approximately 72 consecutive hours, using only the existing available resources in the facilities during an emergency. These unique characteristics allow us to provide our customers with the highest standard of service and comply with a strict and qualitative SLA service at a 99.99% accuracy rate per year.

Operational Flexibility 

Cyber Ghost allows our customers to select the appropriate solution for your designated needs, defined by examining your initial requirements using a specified characterization in collaboration with the project team. This concludes with the application of the hosting solution for the device’s computerized system. 

Survival and Backup System 

Cyber Ghost Data Center facilities comply with the Tier 4 level of the TIE/EIA international standard, for both the power supply system and the air conditioning system. The power supply system (DC and AC) in the facilities includes a dual A+B power supply (two separate supplies that are independent of each other), from the device connected to the transformers, generators, and UPS, including the electric boards and through the level of the customer’s equipment which supports both supplies. The air conditioning system allows the customer to have hosting systems through air cooling systems and advanced air conditioning systems based on water cooling cabinets supporting the computer cabinets which have high electricity consumption.

Security System 

Cyber Ghost facilities are staffed by security guards in both control centers, one at each of the hosting floors. Guards are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The facilities are also internally and externally secured by eight layers of security, both electronic and physical.

Hosting Services for Production and DR Systems 

Cyber Ghost provides underground hosting services in protected and secured Data Center facilities with the highest survivability levels in a designated enclosed or public space format. 

Professional Services and IT Expert Services 

Cyber Ghost provides professional services 24/7, including services for managing your computer system (Help Desk).

IT Management staff provide full knowledge bulk, including passive infrastructure (cabling, racking, and video monitoring).